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Grateful June 27, 2006

Posted by fajita in family.

We have an offer on our house. We are likely going to accept it. It’s not a great offer, but when your house is on the market 9 months, any offer is welcome news.

Although the asking price is a little higher than the purchase price we made 5 years ago, and after fees and closing costs, we’re losing a little, we’re grateful.

Why grateful?

I have had a long and hard lesson these 9 months of lowering our price, gettings lots of showings and no takers, getting a new roof (cha-ching), punching calculator buttons, looking at the Minnesota housing market, only to learn that I do not rely on housing markets and equity for my provision.  

It is indeed liberatng to know that there is more to life and provision than the housng market. Over the past several years in the housing boom it has been very seuctive to gain a belief that the market can be trusted. Markets of any kind are not to be relied upon. Used? Sure. Counted on? Faith placed in? Hopes invested in? Not a good idea.

I am grateful to be released from the tyrranny of the housing market. I genuinely do not care that placing money under a mattress would have been a better investment than my house. Why such poor financial sense? Because God doesn’t make financial sense.

My worst case scenario in life involves God loving me as a son. How is that a bad deal?


1. bek - June 27, 2006

congrats on the offer — and i like the line ” God doesn’t make financial sense………” 🙂

2. Brandon - June 27, 2006


3. Chad Jarnagin - June 27, 2006

I like your blog.

Emerge my friend, emerge.


4. spiritualoasis - June 27, 2006

My motto has always been: Buy high; sell low. Well, you’d think that was the case, anyway. God has always, and I mean always, seen us through.
A few years ago, after moving away from our home of more than 10 years, our house languished on the market month-after-month. I was traveling in the area and drove several hundred miles out-of-the way to go by the house and pray. It was the middle of December. Only two houses had sold in this city of more than 125,000 during the month. Weather: near blizzard conditions. I fell on my face before the Lord, literally, in the empty living room late one Saturday night. The next day the realtor was contacted by someone who just had to have the house. The deal was done within weeks. It wasn’t a full-price offer, but by God’s grace we squeezed through a small crack and once again were free.

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