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Blessed are those surrounded by good people June 29, 2006

Posted by fajita in Grad School Life.

One thing I am already learning about life in a doctoral program (even though I have not started yet) is that there is much to consider, weigh, and decide upon. Already I have several opportunities, and there are most certainly more to come. Boredum will not be a problem, I can know what for sure.

When facing challenges and tough deicsions, it is good to know that the people surrounding you are good people. Right now, I feel awash in that luxury. So, I am grateful for that.

What makes for a good person in your corner? Feel free to weigh in here, but I’ll get the list started.

1. Honesty. When you have someone in your corner, you want them to tell the truth, which leads into the next quality.

2. Boldness. Sometimes honesty is easy, but sometimes it is hard. Everyone needs people in their corner who have the courage to speak boldly.

3. Generous. Mutual generosity seems to synergize in good relationships.

4. Protective. You want people in your corner looking out for your good and willing to go to the mat in order to accomplish that .

5. Affirming. A person in your corner should be good at finding what is good in you and accentuating that good quality.

6. Committed. As opposed to blind loyalty, which can be very counterproductive, a committed person does not depend on something as weak as agreement in order to remain committed. Rather, that person offers supprt not contingent upon agreement, but upon something deeper and more meaningful.   

Thusfar I have found that I am (and have been for a long time) awash in the kinds of relationships that give me some or all of these qualities. I am finding that my new emerging relationships in grad work are providing the same kind of thing.

So, what are the best qualities of the people in your corner?



1. bek - June 29, 2006

being positive. positivity. 🙂 two of my closest friends are the most positive people i know. which has really helped me grow in that area. i heard of a study that showed dr.s could tell which couples would end in divorce by the amount of negativity that showed up in their newlywed conversations……

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