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Psalm 9 Reloaded July 3, 2006

Posted by fajita in Bible/Meditations, Christianity, emerging church/emergent, Philosophy/Religion, Post-restoration/Restoration Movement, Psalms Reloaded.

My heart is bubbling over with good things to say about you. All of the things you’ve done, I just can’t shut up about them. I feel so happy it makes me want to sing, which is really something because I don’t always feel that way.


You have turned back those haters and sent them running and stumbling and bumbling until they self-destruct. We teamed up together and won. You took your place of Decider and made right decisions. I see how much power you have; you can tell a whole country to jump and they ask, how high? And if you wanted to wipe them from the face of the earth, or even from the memory of the earth, all you have to do is speak. When someone comes up against you is it like beating their head against a brick wall. What is the point? All that will result in is self-destruction. And yet, there they go. Don’t they know that everyone who has ever tried to come up against you lost? In fact, they lost so bad we can’t even remember who they are anymore.


If I were to time travel as far in the past and as far in the future as I could go, there would be one thing consistent, you are in charge. You are the Decider from A to Z. The good news is that you are fair in your decisions. No Mickey Mousing around: you’re fair. This is good news for everyone because we know what we are getting with you. What we get is a safe place to rest, to hide, to be protected from those haters. I am so glad I know you because I have a place to go when I need help. With you, it’s a sure thing. I have total confidence in you.


I feel like singing again just thinking about you. I don’t just want to sing all by myself. No, I want to live stream it, blog it, podcast it, vlog it; it’s all over Myspace. I want to lift up my window and scream it to people out there. Yeah, people might think I’m nuts, but when I was down and out, you were there and you lifted me up and brought me in. If that’s not worth singing about I don’t know what is.


But, as much as I want to sing, I am not out of the woods yet. I’m sure you notice that those haters want to bum rush my show one more time. The closer they get, the more nervous I get. They want to bring me a load of death and force feed it to me. Well, let’s see them try and do that. When they try, they’ll meet you in the dark alley and scurry aware like sewer rats in the sunshine. Then I’ll get to singing: saved once again. Good for me; bad for them. That load of death meant for me ends up stuck in their throats. There is a certain poetry about your justice, no?


So those haters, those who mock you, they end up filling graves in cemeteries. The people who live are the weak, the frail, and the needy. It’s these people who find hope.


Oh yeah, hop up onto your Decider chair and tell it like it is. When you do, those who love you are comforted, but those haters, well, they go running scared. 


1. David Shutt - July 3, 2006

I like it! I love Psalm 9 and what you’ve captured is a good modern and sincere translation!

Greta blog, I’ll come back again


2. fajita - July 3, 2006

David, thanks for the kind words. It is my hope that these Psalms reloaded add to understanding.

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