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Last Hoorah July 12, 2006

Posted by fajita in family.

This week is WOW: Wonders of the Word (which is really a gigantic Vacation Bible School) at my church and tonight is the last night. One portion of WOW is the drama, of which I am a part every year. But, as we are moving next week, this will be my last.

I am having more fun with this drama than ever and putting off sadness until after it’s all over. I will miss this annual summer boost. I hope there will some other boost to replace it once we settle in Minnesota. Of course there will be camp, and I will love that as well.

Good-byes are very hard. I’ve put five years of my life into relationships, work, and play here. That’s enuogh time for roots to grow. I’ve watched my kids spend more of their life here than anywhere else. That’s sobering. I really love a lot of people here. You can’t just leave unaffacted. And I won’t. These 5 years will serve me the rest of my life.

Thanks Better Life Counseling Center, Southwest Church of Christ, and everyone who has made my life better for being here – too many to name.


1. LW - July 13, 2006

You’ll be a part of me whereever I go. I can’t say “goodbye” so I’ll just say, “see ya”. Stay in touch.

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