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Language Less|ens 3: We like to move it move it July 18, 2006

Posted by fajita in Christianity, emerging church/emergent.

In this time of transition, unrest, and transformation in the Christian world, conversation is necessary. In fact, it’s necessary at all times. However, conversation alone is not enough. When it comes to mission, sometimes the words get in the way. Sometimes we get to talking when we need to be doing something.

Truth is, all behavior is communication. So, what does it say when all a person does is talk (or blog)? Sooner or later, people who are all talk become known for their talk, and not for anything else. They are not reliable doers. Oh yes, you can get their opinion, analysis, angle, insight and so forth, but you might not get their butts off the chair at the coffee shop.

For all of its very convincing rhetoric, the emerging church will fall flat if it provides only good conversations. More and more speaking must be done with action, with mission, with compassion.

Emergent wil become more convincing and more influential the more missional it becomes.


1. Dwiggy - July 19, 2006

Amen Brother!

I’ve been thinking these same thoughts quite a bit lately but you’ve put them into words far more eloquently than I would have.

Another thought – what if the entire emergent blog community took a hiatus from blogging for a day (or a week) and converted that time into SERVICE? The time won’t be an exact one for one exhange (I can blog in the wee hours of the morning, but most everyone else is asleep at that time), but perhaps we can use our “conversation time” to do other tasks that burn our precious time and then get out into our communities and live The Life with all of our newly-found free time.

Who wants to champion this effort? I nominate Fajita. 🙂

2. dojo - July 19, 2006

Great ideal Dwiggy.

Great thoughts Chris….I was thinking about that this morning too while I was imagining a “perfect” chuch….maybe I should just shut up and get up and get busy!

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