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Grim Predictions August 7, 2006

Posted by fajita in General.

Iran will continue to enrich uranium, hounded by, but not intervened upon, by the U.N.

Iraq will ask the U.S. to leave within 24 months and the U.S will reluctanly leave with the new president no matter who it is.

Within 18 months from that point (or when Iran has “the bomb”), Iran will invade Iraq.

The war with Israel, which will have been toggling between hot and warm, will simulataneously expand as part of Iran’s invasion of Iraq.

That expansion will pressure the U.S. to engage directly.



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1. greg brooks - August 7, 2006

Secular moderates in Iran will push for the purchase of civilian nuclear technology and put an end to secret research into nuclear weapons.

The U.S. will leave Iraq after a U.S. presidential election in which that is the only issue. Iraq will devolve into civil war and a theocratic dictatorship government will emerge. Iran and Iraq will become allies.

No nation-state will be willing to directly attack Israel, but Hezbollah and Hamas will continue their terror campaigns supported by various Moslem states. Lebanon will be a pile of smoking rubble, plowed under with salt.

Most Americans including me still won’t know what the heck is really going on over there.

. . . I was hoping to be all optimistic and end up with the exact opposite of what you wrote. Oh, well.

2. jefe - August 7, 2006

this has nothing to do with your current post, but please pardon the discourtesy. I just realized I left a hefty post on the Secret Message of Jesus on your blog- but you no longer are using that one! Fortunately, I stumbled across this one. anyway, I really dug SCoJ also. Did you ever get your discussion group off the ground?

3. ruminatingpilgrim - August 7, 2006

Wish I could be the optimistic one here, but…

Israel refuses to comply with UN calls for cease fire and intensifies fighthing in southern Lebanon, prompting Iran to send additional resources to Hizbollah. Ironically, the growing conflict in Lebanon draws Shi’ite fighters from Iraq and provides an opening to calm things down there.

The problem is that Lebanon is being demolished and Iran sets up a puppet government there, with the many of liberal democrats leaving the country.

4. justin - August 8, 2006

Israel destroys all of hizbollah’s infrastructure, leaving it badly crippled. American’s leave Iraq, possibly supporting sunnis under the table, only for the sake of giving iran someone else to focus their attention on.

Either that, or American’s leave Iraq and it turns out the fighting has just been caused by our presence their and the three groups pull their fledgling democracy up by its bootstraps and become a beacon of freedom in the middle east, religious and political, which would do wonders in turning the tides over there.

I think Israel will defeat hizbollah though, which will help us aviod WW3. Also, an Iraq that becomes enemies with Iran and our military no longer in range of Iranian missles will keep some dictators from making reckless statements. When they know we can actually do something quickly against them…. they will chill out. But we do have to watch out for Russia, who I believe will become communist again when Putin’s term runs out. He will not have elections and will become the dictator. Then you’ve got a Russia/Iranian (fundamentalist islam)/Chinese/North Korean axis. China has the bomb, russia has lots of them, Iran will have it. And North Korea is close too. I don’t know how badly they want to fight or if they’ll just want to demand things and see if we give it to them, recognizing them as superpowers, but it will be bad.

Oh, and if we reach peak oil anytime soon. That could throw all sorts of loops in this mess.

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