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Report from the Porch August 7, 2006

Posted by fajita in Christianity, emerging church/emergent, Philosophy/Religion, Post-restoration/Restoration Movement, Solomon's Porch.

I attended Solomon’s Porch once again this Sunday. My children joined, but my wife did not (not feeling well). It was very good and inviting once again. How strange it is that all of the familiar elements are present, but the atmosphere is almost reverse of “normal” church.

What I love most is the interactive nature of the gathering. I get to talk and listen. I get to talk to more than one person and listen to more than one person. There are actual conversations going on. You get the sense that something is being created while you’re there and you have a little something to do with the creation. It’s not all sealed up Friday evening in the pastor’s office and unpackaged neatly Sunday morning.

Yes, there is obviously intentionality and purposefulness, but there is room for input, even if no one agrees with it.

This Sunday began a series on the book of Joshua. Pretty gutsy topic considering the war between Israel and Hezbollah taking place in Lebanon right now. Think about it – the book of Joshua chronicles how the Israellites slaughtered every man, woman, and child in many towns on the very same patch of land where war is breaking out right now. 

Joshua is probably the most difficult book in the Bible for me, so I am very pleased that we are taking this direction. Today’s approach gave a sort of promise that nothing is off limits for conversation during the “sermon” over the next few weeks. 

On another note, when we left, my kids begged for more. They didn’t want to leave. That is a good sign. 

On another other note, thusfar no one from my former Minnesota church where I served as a youth minister has contacted me. They may not know that I have hit ground yet, but as the time draws near I am sure I wil hear from a few. For most of them, it’s not a big deal since they probably believe I am merely going to another Church of Christ in town. However, there will be calls and curiosity will emerge at some point. Those will be good and challenging conversations. I don’t expect any rudeness or anger. Rather, I suspect there will be a few who feel sorry for me that I am straying, but at the same time will take assurance that I was baptized correctly. Curious, but probably pretty accurate.   


1. Mark - August 7, 2006


I “feel your pain”. My family and I recently moved to San Antonio, TX and have been going to Oak Hills for the past month or so. This is the first time in my life that I have attended a “non-CofC”. The atmosphere there is not a “normal church” atmosphere. It is praise focused, spirit led, and when I leave I feel like I have truely worshipped. My family, all CofC, are worried about what I am doing and where I am going. But I believe that God has led to Oak Hills. I must say, though, that continue to struggle. I am fighting the “pharisee nature”, but it is all good.

2. TCS - August 7, 2006

you’ve started using “we” in your reports. That’s good.

3. Greg Newton - August 7, 2006

In Acts the presence of the Spirit was the assurance of orthodoxy . . . and the Spirit showed up in places people didn’t expect.

4. Chris Florence - August 7, 2006

Solomon was such a reprobate, why would anyone name a church after him?

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