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Ironies August 14, 2006

Posted by fajita in family.

I live in the town where my father died.

Me and my family go to one church while my sister goes to another; we live in the same house.

I keep remembering how afraid I am of forgetting things. Dream about it every night.

My life is moving way too fast and way too slow.

My past 5 years in Arkansas were great, but I feel like I’m finally getting to exhale.

I feel the need to write something profound while my mind is blank.

I have no schedule and I still can’t find time to myself.

I’m a male heterosexual and it took me 8 months to find just the right pair of shoes.

I am about to begin doctoral work in the finest Family Science program in the nation and I fear that I have oversold myself and might not meet expectations.

Once the head stone goes up in the cemetary, there will be nothing left to do for my father. I hope they take their time.

I want closure more than any other thing, right up until the moment it is about to happen, then I want to wait.

I’m tired and I plan on staying awake for a while.

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