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Resilience August 17, 2006

Posted by fajita in General.

For a person, a marriage, or an organization, one of the most important qualities to have in order to sustain is resilience. Yes, strength is good, but the ability to bounce back might even be more important.

Failure at one point or another is inevitable. The question of resiliency is, “what happens next?” Is the failure devastating? Does it prevent future efforts? Does it cripple? OR Does it inspire future effort? Can you, your marriage, or you organization brush itself off after a failure and move forward?

Resiliency also asks, “What is the meaning of failure?” If the meaning of failure is defeat then that will have implications for the future; however, if the failure means instruction, opportunity for creativity, or invitatin for a new direction or perhaps more effort, then that will also have implications for the future.

Facts are facts, but all facts are fair game for interpretation. People give meaning to facts. With every failure comes an opportunity for interpretation. Without the intentional effort to create a constructive meaning for failure, there is a high likelihood that a destructive meaning will be settled for.

So, resiliency is the ability for a person etc to bounce back from setbacks.

Much of the ability for bounceback lies in the ability to make a positive meaning out of apparently negative facts.



1. John Alan Turner - August 18, 2006

Just wondering if you’ve read any of Al Siebert’s work on resiliency. He does tons of work with folks who survive disasters (POWs, 9/11, kidnapping victims, etc.). His research is fascinating.

2. fajita - August 19, 2006

I ahve not read up on Siebert’s work. I can imagine that there are some inspiring and some not heartbreaking stories embedded within the research.

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