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Fossen Update August 24, 2006

Posted by fajita in family.

Foseen has not had a seizure since my last post – not any real seizures anyway. You see, Fossen is a 6 year old boy with a sense of humor. He has faked a couple seizures since leaving the hospital. Needless to say when he fakes a seizure it isn’t funny to his parents. My brother figures that it is his way of gaining a sense of control over his situation. Fossen’s mom is not buying it.

He’s taken 4 rounds of meds and thusar, no problemo. Thanks for the prayers.



1. joejames - August 25, 2006

BTW> In case anyone hasn’t pointed this out yet… Fossen is like the coolest name ever!

2. Chris Jaekel - August 25, 2006

I’m Indiana…where does Jay live?

3. LW - August 25, 2006

Best wishes for Fossen and your family.

4. fajita - August 25, 2006

Jay lives in the Northern burb of Indy, by Carmel.

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