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I Want My Money Back August 28, 2006

Posted by fajita in General, John Mark Karr, JonBenet Ramsey.

John Mark Karr didn’t, as predicted by me, kill Jonbenet Ramsey. I should have blogged this, so you’ll just have to take my word on this. John Mark Karr wanted to get caught. This whole thing was his soul screaming through his dulled and numbed mind and heart and body. He’s been so disconnected from himself that he doesn’t differentiate physical experience from mental or emotional experience – or virtual experience for that matter.

When you’ve polluted yourself in sickening perversion, how do you dig out of it besides getting caught? Yes, God could have made an appearance and told him to stop, but that is not the usual path of God so far as I understand God. What might be more likely is that the spirit placed within this man made a desperate act in order to avoid complete suffocation.

He didn’t kill Jonbenet, but he’s not innocent. I very much hope for this man finds what he needs. I hope he sobers up and gets clean from his addiction. When I get past my disgust for what he does, I feel sorry for the guy.


1. Uncle Phil - August 28, 2006

You know how they say God only gives you what you can handle? I think He thinks Jay can handle quite a bit and I think He gave John Mark Karr just a bit too much. Glad it wasn’t the other way around.

2. fajita - August 29, 2006

Yeah, I know how people say that (and hide behind it). I am glad it wasn’t the other way around either. Maybe there will be some redemption at the end of this JMK story. I hope so.

3. joejames - August 29, 2006

what is weird to me in all of this is the media’s role. To me it is always much harder to see God’s role in something like this once the media get hold of it. I see praying for JMK, and the people implicated in the Natalie Holloway case, and the lady who murdered her preacher husband. I understand saying “I hope there is some redemption at the end of this JMK story”

But it just seems so tainted by the media… am I making any sense of this?

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