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Baseball, Faith, and the Moses Bobblehead September 2, 2006

Posted by fajita in Christianity, Humor.

Who is looking more desperate, the minor league baseball execs looking  to fill seats or the people of faith who fill them?

First of all, does the Moses bobblehead fill seats? And if it does, what does that mean for the minor league team distributing them? What does it mean for the Christian consumers gathering them up?

Just look at the face on that Moses bobblehead. What is Moses saying to you? He looks pretty ticked off to me, like he just realized that Israel is worshipping a golden calf at the same time he wants to give them the Law.

Isn’t there a happy moment for Moses we could have shared through this bobblehead instead of a mad one?

Anyway, read the San Francisco Chronicle article if you want to.



1. Keith Brenton - September 2, 2006

Maybe Moses is ticked off at all the commercialism surrounding baseball.

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