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What do you spend on food ? September 15, 2006

Posted by fajita in Family Science.

In an average American household, each person spends $40 on food per week. So, a famiy of 4 spends $160 per week on food.

So, you might think that when there is a family of 3, the cost would be $120 – and it would be unless the famly is headed by a single mother. If that is the case, then only $28.33 per person is spent on food. So, maybe homes with single mothers consumer less food. Or, maybe single mothers find ways to stretch dollars better than the average families.

Now, if a man is living alone, he is going to spend $60 per week on food, more than double what the average person headed by a single mother. Again, this is amount paid, not amount eaten. Men might be eating more when they are alone, but they might be buying more expensive food.

Now, you might think, “Men are greedy pigs,” but you should not think that, unless of course you are prepared to call women greedy pigs. When women live alone they spend almost as much as men living alone – $50 per week. oink oink.

Texas is the state with the highest level of “Food Insecurity” while North Dakota has the lowest level.

Larry James in Dallas knows a lttle bit about food insecurity. Reading his blog is educational.

Source: Household Food Security in the United States 2004


1. paul - September 16, 2006

Where in the U.S. can you get by with just $40 a week for food? The culture I live in is one in which people don’t cook much at all. They eat out a lot. $40 won’t buy much. I am sure I spent more than that. Just lunch in the school cafeteria is $3 a day. That is $15 a week. Ok, I am the single guy and I spend more than most but I bet lots of people spend more than that.

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