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Lost: Break 6 October 4, 2006

Posted by fajita in LOST.

Sawyer’s trying to get a rock. What’s he going to do with that rock? Oh look, a lever. Music. Oh look, a little fake fish. Oh, look, some kibbles. some water. Oh look, Kate. So happy together. Sawyer calls Kate “Freckles.” Does she really have enough freckles to be called Freckles?

Sawyer gives Kate a deliciosu bass buiscut.

Jack wakes up from Juliet’s whack. They are under water, under an aqurium.

“It doesn’t matter who we were. It only matters who we are.” Juliet knows a lot about Jack. How does she know this? How does she a copy of his autopsy report? Juliet’s got a whole file on Jack. she knows about Jack’s ex-wife, Sarah. Cripes!

Jack’s out of flashback jail. Sarah posted bail. How nice. She’s not really warming up to Jack. There she went. Jack’s ex-wife wasn’t with Jack’s dad. There’s some relief. Jack is coming to terms with losing sarah. “Is she happy?” Juliet seems to know that Sarah is happy.

Ben is the main guy.

Next on LOST. Kate and Sawyer kiss.


1. beaner927 - October 5, 2006

Of course – more questions than answers!!!! It was AWESOME!!!! Disturbing that the “Others” knew just what to do in a split second when the plane crashed! Also disturbing that they have their own freaky society on the island, yet have contact with the “real world” to get all that info. on Sawyer (and I’m sure the other people too!)

So the fugitives (Kate & Sawyer) are behind bars & Jack’s learning to give up control – some kind of freaky immersion therapy???

I, too, HATED the AMEX commercial & thought that was a BIG piece of crap!!!!

2. beaner927 - October 5, 2006

I meant info. on ‘Jack” – I must have ‘Sawyer’ on the brain! 😉

3. beaner927 - October 5, 2006

OK – I just watched it again (gotta love TiVo!!!)

Anyway…what did the weird guy mean when he told Kate that she “wasn’t his type”? Couple that with Juliet saying “It doesn’t matter who we were. What matters is who we are.” Creepy! These “Others” could be some other species! Maybe a cross between human & alien? Or some genetic evolution? They seem to be interested in the fact that Kate like Sawyer. They seemed interested in Walt’s extrasensory skills (remember way back in Season 1?)

Is it next Wednesday yet???

4. CF - October 5, 2006

I guess we are supposed to know what you’re talking about. Guess I’m just not with it.

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