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Lost: Break 4 October 11, 2006

Posted by fajita in LOST.

Flashback to Sun and Jin. He’s going to sya something. She’s nervous. Jin is caught between the woman he loves and the father-in-law he thinks he needs. Jin’s off to kill a man.

Sayid’s making the big, big fire. Jin wants Sayid’s gun. Huh? What gives? Where are the freaking subtitles? Ah ha, I knew he knew English. Jin is now packing heat, baby. What’s he going to do?

The others, freaks, what the heck are they doing? Why is Juliet looking flirtingly at sawyer? Sh eknows his weakness. He poured out water in front of her as if to say, screw you.” Sawyer really got the hots for Kate. And now he kisses her deeprly. Big fight. Sawyer’s got a gun. Oh, there’s Kate’s freckles. Juliet gots gun too. Sawyer gets shocked.

Sun’s back on the boat as Jin and Sayid awati to ambush. Someone’s in the boat with Sun. Cripes!!!



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