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Lost: Break 6 October 11, 2006

Posted by fajita in General.

Jae’s funeral. Is she allowed to grieve? He’s shaming her so bad right now. Sun is courageous. The secret is safe – for now. She carries that weight with her still. A heavy, heavy weight.

The baby is not Jin’s, right?

Back to the cages. That was one expensive kiss there Sawyer. Oh, that was Sawyer’s plan. He was testing out the other’s strength. It was a test. He’s not stupid.

“You taste like fish biscuits.” Best line of the season so far.

Jack’s still in the cell. Mr. leader is back with Jack. Mr. leader introduces himself as Benjamin Linus. he claims to have lived on the island all of his life. What? What does that mean? Something is being brought into the room. 69 days on the island. Benjamin claims ot have contact wit the outside world. Then he played a video of it. Ben jamin is dangling home in front of jack’s face – “I will take you home.”

Is Jack going to crack?



1. jb - October 11, 2006

Is this a tv show or somethun?

2. jb - October 11, 2006

if so, i recommend NBC monday nights at 8central. coolest new sci-fi series: heroes.

3. fajita - October 11, 2006

Heroes is a great show. I have seen two of the three episodes. I am sold.

4. beaner927 - October 12, 2006

Heroes is awesome! (Reminds me of X-men) Lost is the BEST. They both have me hooked. Thankful for TiVo!!!!

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