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300,000,000 Americans: Introduction October 13, 2006

Posted by fajita in Population.

Any minute the U.S population will surpass 300 million people. That is amazing. A book is considered a best seller if it reaches 30,000 copies. So, that is 1 in every 3000 Americans reading the book.

Anyway, I was listening to NPR on a story about the U.S population and found it most interesting. Ihad some of my own reflections on the U.S. population reahing 300 million. I will play those out here.

This post serves as the introduction. Here’s what’s coming:

1. Old White People Need Teenage Mexicans (more than you ever dreamed)

2. Why the U.S still isn’t Europe and never will be.

3. America, the missiological phenomenon.

4. America Recolonized.

I’ll be posting on these over the next several days, when I get a little time (we’ll see about that), and when I do, I’d love some lively debate. It is my intentiona to bother at least a few people with my posts. So, prepare to be bothered.


1. joejames - October 13, 2006

You can’t bother me… I’m stone baby! I’ve got ice in my veins! I eat population debates for breakfast! I’m Jack freakin Bauer! I Own Chris Gonzales – Bring it on! Bring it on!

2. jb - October 13, 2006

Ooo…. a controversy!

3. preacherman - October 14, 2006

What pressure to be known as the 300,000,000 American.

Will anyone be shocked if the 300,000,000 american born is a little crack baby or a baby born from a single teenage mom or un-married mother?

4. fajita - October 14, 2006

It’s more likely that that # 300,000,000 will have crossed the border and gained citizenship, not be born, American.

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