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Reborn November 4, 2006

Posted by fajita in Poetry/Stories.

Here is a poem I wrote. I do not remember when I wrote it. Good poetry needs no explanation, so here is my explanation. When I emerge from the grip of my own foolishness and find the refreshing liberation of the cleansing of forgiveness and the healing of reconciliation, the process is sometimes difficult, but the end result is beautiful.


Oh the shivering detox;

The return of health;

Poisons scorch the earth in defeat;

Kicking and screaming, talons leaving blood trails.

Longing for gentler days, connected days,

Not so distant, so far removed,

Not so toxic, so unclean, so infected,

How long until Pure?

Layer after layer, scraped like sludge, 

Deeper, deeper, will it ever end?

How far until my own skin?

Do I still have a soul?

Love-hate with evil

Is far too much love

And far too much hate

Loving good is all that is necessary

Exorcising takes my breath away,

That poison breath that suffocates;

Replace it with clean air,

So clean it hurts.

Unwilling to indulge in all that is good;

Slime monster on white, crisp, cotton,

Slipping into the scrub

A cleansing so violent, but temporary.

Broken, small, off balance, but free;

Sparkling and crying, like a newborn,

New to this bright place;

No return, only forward, only clean.


1. Johnben Loy - November 5, 2006

Hmm… not sure if I want to be reborn like that. 🙂

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