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NCFR November 11, 2006

Posted by fajita in Family Science.

NCFR is the National Council on Family Relations. I am a member. Here is what I am learning at the national conference in Minnesapolis:

1. Some research has shown that group treatment for teens with anti-social behavior is not only not effective, but is detrimental. Family therapy, however, had shown to be effective.

2. The long term effects of some individual treatments are not effective (some harmful) while family treatments are effective.

3. Spiritual development of children and teens is now being seriously investigated. Click here.

4. There are lots of professors and students with deeply held religious views who work at and attend state universities.

5. Organized religion is to spiritual development what public education is to cognitive development. Follow me here. Even if a child did not go to school, that child would develop in the cognitive realm. There would be intelligence and it would develop, but not within an organized educational context. Similarly, with or without organized religion, a child and a person would develop spiritually. The organized structure gives stucture for the expression of faith.

It appears that the intersection of spiritual development and organized religion can either nurture healthy spiritual development or it can damage, inhibit, or distort healthy spiritual development.



1. Marc - November 13, 2006


I’d be interested in how spiritual development is defined as I, personally, believe spiritual does not necessarily equal religious. I haven’t “clicked here” yet, so I will and maybe that’ll answer my question.

But, I’d still be interested in your thoughts on the difference, if any, between spiritual development and religious development.

2. Brandon - November 13, 2006

Great post!
Want to find out what happens when someone doesn’t develop in a spiritually sound environment? Visit my blog and read the weekly prayer list: http://basicorlando.blogspot.com

Many of the homeless guys I work with have some sort of spiritual background, there are even a couple of Church of Christ background guys from time to time, but when a person’s support network breaks down (that includes the church) many times they will reject what they’ve been taught, or wind up on the streets.
Thanks! I’ve linked to your blog, BTW, cause I find your spicy perspective to be beneficial to building the kingdom!
G. Brandon Hoyt

3. fajita - November 13, 2006

Nice comments guys. Building spiritual capital on all levels is important. Internally, marital, family, congregational and so on spiritual capital is important. And it is the extent to which you give yourself away that allows for the building of spiritual capital.

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