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American Politics: An exersice in nots November 19, 2006

Posted by fajita in politics.

The Republicans got a beating a couple weeks ago. The Democrats took over congress. Americans voted against Bush, I think that it is clear. As happy as Democrats are with the election results, they are in real trouble now.

Why? Well, I think they had more power when they had no power. Huh? The only energy they have is “not Bush.” That can get you an election, but only one. When they had no power, they could gripe relentlessly about it and no one cares if they don’t get anything done because they have no power.

Well, now that they have power they had better produce something. Thing is, it is no real accomplishment to prove that you are not Bush. If Dems are a one trick pony and that trick is the not Bush trick, they are going to have a real hard 2 years as a pointless majority.

I hope the Democrats come up with something so attractive that the people who voted for them will be glad they did. They have already gotten all of the “not Bush” mileage they can get. From this point out, they need to have some actual ideas. What they risk is generalized voter discontent. If the voters see notihng from dems, they won’t stick with them.

The temptation for dems is going to be to go back to what dems have done in the past. Voters didn’t for for what Democrats have done in the past, they voted for “not Bush.” The dems must be innovative, creative, and intriguing. If they are not, if they are viewed as the old democrats, they will lose big in 2008 because Bush is gone no matter what. They’ve 2 years to work wonders. If they haven’t fixed anything in 2 years, they’re done. 2 years is no a long time to fix anything.

Well, that is probably all I am going to say about politics for the next two years.


1. Johnben - November 20, 2006

I suggest George Lakoff’s ‘Moral Politics’ if you are ever interested in reading about a linguist’s rendering of how conservative and liberal outlooks are rooted in metaphors of the family. For a non-American, I sure am learning a lot about you guys.

2. justin - November 20, 2006

The Democrats have ideas, but their ideas would have gotten them trounced in the elections, and they knew it, so they hid them.

They put up a couple of blue dog dems and put Pelosi, Kennedy, et al (well Kerry escaped, and we know what happened there) in a bunker to help win the election.

And they won.

Which is amazing that they won an election without any comprehensive plan on how to fix anything. They won because of the absolute ineptitude of the Republican party (mainly the neocons in the bush administration).

Here’s my predicition for 08.

These next two years will be like the first two years of the Clinton presidency. People were duped. They will not be happy with Charlie Rangel’s draft, with impeachment proceedings for the president, with countless investigations. Its going to be a back lash.

Two things can happen. One, Republicans remember the roots of their movement in Barry Goldwater. They move to the left socially, distancing themselves from the fundamentalist right, but stay fiscally responsible, shrinking government, cutting waste, reforming entitlements that will end up bankrupting the country. This would be my prefered option. Secon thing that could happen is populism. They play on the homophobic tendencies of the south, and the bigoted anti brown people crowd, and keep spending money like its going out of style. They might win an election this way, but our country, the poor, the outcast, will all lose. And it will be just a few more steps for theocracy in our country.


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