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Smart Stepfamilies December 2, 2006

Posted by fajita in General.

My bogger friends, if any of you are in stepfamilies, then take a gander over at my stepfamilies blog. I don’t mention it a whole let here, but I do have this other world in which I write and have guest writers (hint hint, got a story for me?).

Or, if you know anyone who is in a stepfamily and might want to add a blog visit to their stepparenting efforts, send them my way: http://smartstepfamilies.blogspot.com



1. Char - December 2, 2006

Thanks for the link! My brother and I grew up in a blended family (we hardly ever used the word step), due to death of my father, and my mother’s subsequent marriage the next year to a widower with a daughter (instant sister!). My parents went on to have a final son a year later. We were a “yours, mine, and ours” family, but most of the time, we didn’t really talk about it. Only now are we all facing some of the ramifications of the loss of parents at early ages (we were all 2 and under when our respective parents passed away), “new” parents, blending the family, etc.

And now, as an adult, I’ve experienced divorce and re-marriage, and my husband and I are raising an adopted son from my first marriage, our biological son born in 2005, and we are expecting a daughter in late March/early April. Needless to say, blending families/dealing with “step” issues is a topic close to my heart.

Again, thanks for the link!

2. fajita - December 3, 2006

Char, thanks for the props. You bring up a great point about language. There really isn ‘t any good language for families that form after first families or non-bio and non-adoptive families. Do we “step” or do we “blend” or do we speak in some other way? Reconstitued? Binuclear? Who knows?

Anyway, I hope you find the blog helpful. Thanks.

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