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The Mission December 7, 2006

Posted by fajita in General.

There is a church in the midwest falling apart. It is not a church I attend, but I have inside knowledge of it. As I am not part of the church, I may be speaking out of line, but I want to share this situation as an example of something.

Denominational allegiance is no reason for people to gather together and exist as a congregation. It is a very weak association. It is so weak, in fact, that only under the right conditions can it exist and be healthy – and even that is questionable.

When challenges arise, denominational correctness is not going to save a church that is going under. Although it is tempting to believe that our doctrinal agreement is enough to keep us unified, it is not. Doctrinal agreement, or the willing belief in its illusion, cannot withstand the encroachment of being busy, geographic distance, weak leadership,  or attrition.

What will hold a church together is not doctrinal agreement or doctrinal correntness, but rather it is the mission the church is on. When a church is doing someting that matters to God and people, then it has something of value.

A dead and dying church tends to infect its member with its affliction, not the other way around. Without mission the church dies. Period. It might appear to be living, but it appears to be full of life like a person with an unknown and deadly cancer that lies under the skin. Death is groing and it is only a metter of time before it reveals its devastating presence. 

This post is a call for people of faith to get on mission. Do something. Organize in small clusters around a cause. Meet together to pursue that cause.

African orphans, the environment, healthy living, immigration, homelessness etc. 

Meet together, write blogs, develop action steps for your group, develop action steps for people to join the mission of your group, devote resrources (time, money, voice) to the cause, promote the cause through media.

Invent ways of doing good. This is what Jesus did and he did it with other people. Some of the people he did good with didn’t even understand who he was or why he was doing the good, not at first anyway.



1. Johnben Loy - December 7, 2006

I point you to Sherman Kuek’s 9-part blog entry on the Organic Missional Ecclesiology. http://www.shermankuek.net/
Although I haven’t read them in depth, I often like what he has to say, and I intend to read them thoroughly during my break. And I don’t know if they have a lot to do with what you are saying content-wise, but the title is close enough. 😀

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