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Don’t Miss This! December 11, 2006

Posted by fajita in General.

If you are mission minded, then do yourself a favor and read this post and then act on it. Below is a brief paragraph or two from my buddy, Mark, over at the Kibo Group.

I’m about to help you out here with an amazing idea for your
Christmas shopping.  You know that nagging problem of what to get for the person who has everything?  Well, this should solve that one.  I bet they don’t have their very own tree in Uganda.   Click on the link below and you can buy one, get a cool Christmas card you can plant (yes, a card you can plant when you are done) and it will grow flowers (no kidding) and you get an ornament that will have a number on it marking the GPS coordinates of your tree in Uganda.  (Better click on the link below if you want it to make sense.) The Kibo Group
is a non-profit that I run along with a friend named Clint Davis.

You can read about Kibo at our website http://www.kibogroup.org.  We make no money off this, (Kibo has no salaries for stateside employees)…the money goes to plant trees.  Check it out… its a pretty unique gift idea and it really can make the world better.
Merry Christmas!




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