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Trust Paradox December 11, 2006

Posted by fajita in General.

Trust is quite a powerful relational dynamic. Having it exist mutually between two people is can be magic. When trust combines with a depth of self-disclosure, then there is even more power. Respect grows. In fact, when mutual trust rises, so do many relational quality indicators.

And yet, the stronger trust becomes, the more vulnerable the relationship becomes. How ironic. The trust paradox demands that the relationship become stronger by way of exposing weakness.

Now, don’t get me wrong, vulnerability is not weakness. I define it as the extent to which a person could be hurt by another. It is the extent to which a person reveals his or her softest spots. It is a willingness to be unprotected in the presence of another.

Jesus was no weakling, but he made himself vulnerable to humans. He entered into human life largely unprotected. He trusted humans beyond their capacity to be trusted and such trust might be considered foolish. However, what we find is that trusting people, even in betrayal, was a sign of strength, not wekaness. He paid the price, but overcame the price.

As Jesus entered this world unprotected, Christians who celebrate Christimas might think about Christmas as a willingness of God to enter into humanity largely unprotected. Jesus, knowing that entering into danger unarmed was worth it, Christiasn might take this Christmas story adn do the same.

Erwin McManus has been known to say that when Christians talk about entering into the center of God’s will being the safest place on earth, they are exactly wrong. Entering into the center of God’s will might be the most dangerous place in the world.

In order to be strong, we must become vulnerable.



1. greg brooks - December 11, 2006

Chris, thanks for this post! Our family and house church are celebrating Advent this year with prayers and devotions at dinnertime, and this post will be tomorrow night’s devotion.

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