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Moving Day July 20, 2006

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By this time tomorrow, I will be driving one of these loaded to the gils with my stuff. I’m Minnesota bound. This trip is an emotional one for me. I am leaving people I love and a place I have grown to love to return to my homeland (not Mexico, Minnesota) that I love do deeply.

I wonder if I will have re-entry shock a little. I get into habits which reinforce familiarity and therefore secruity. I am entering unfamilar territory from a neighborhood, economic, and relational perspective.

Blogging will be sporadic for the next month or so. Not a problem for you smart people with feed reading services like bloglines. However, for you web 1.0 people who keep typing in my blog address or keeping linking from your own blog to see if I have anything here – BLOGLINES!!!!!!!!!!! 


Who will be #50,000? June 23, 2006

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Leave a comment if you think it’s you.

A Little Something June 21, 2006

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Malcolm Gladwell tells on the Times' reporting of drug costs.

Are you perfect? Check this out.

Be the 1,000,000th hit at PreacherMike and you will get prizes.

Be the 50,000th hit right here at the Fajita Blog and you will get a prize. If Iwait until 1,000,000 we'll all be dead from old age, and what good are prizes when you're dead?

John Alan Turner is getting his core values figured. Not a bad idea for any of us.

If you buy this book and this video game, you win yourself an automatic nomination for one of these prestigious awards.  

Minimum wage unchanged.

Up and Coming Blogger June 8, 2006

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You may have heard of A-List Bloggers, B-List bloggers and the like. I always figured that I was something of a Q-List blogger, if the list goes down that far. Thanks to DJ Chuang, I have found a place where there are definitions to these terms.

Click here to learn all about it.

I am an "Up and COming" Blogger. With your help (and if I would get off my duff and make it happen), I can become a C-List blogger. Ah, the bliss, the glory, relishing in the limelight of being a C-List blogeer.

A Little Something June 7, 2006

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Apparently blogging is not new.

Should the crackas be rappin'? Assimilated Negro weighs in.

Wisdom emerges from relationships?

April Fool's joke taken as serious news down under. I love it.

Bob gives us a little help on building community.

My team stinks.

I’m Back May 22, 2006

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I am back from my first ever blog fast, and I am ready to get going. Me and my family were in St. Paul, Minnesota looking for houses and I had my state licensure exam for marriage fanmily therapy. I passed. Yippeeeeeeee! This is a big deal becuase now I can proactice MFT in Minnesota when we move for my doctoral studies.

We visited the children's museum of Minnesota and had a great time. My son loved the area where you climb into a bear's den. That was really cool. What was a little less cool was when he insisted I climb into it too. WHat was somewhat cool was that I did, in fact, fit into the bear's den. What was not cool was that I had to crawl on my knees. The problem with that is that my family has a history of arthritis and although I have never been diagnoised with it, there are those times when I think I might be on the verge of something like that.

We also spent some time at the best park in Minneapolis – Minnehaha Park. There is a river that goes through the park and this waterfall in this picture is beautiful. The park is huge, with large oak tress, tones of frisbee and soccer areas, wooded paths along the river, and stone stairs on both sides of the river. This park is a Minnesota gem.

Not to be outdone, St. Paul has Como Park. This park is set on Lake Como, full of fish and fun. Walking, biking and skating paths cirlce the lake. Within the park is a free zoo, an amusement park like a really nice county fair, and there is also tons of picnic and sporting facilities. There is an 18n hole golf course in the park wchich doubles as a skiing and tubing facility in the winter. Como Park also has the nation's largest conservatory with award winning flowers blloming year round. It's free and great break from the winter blahs.

Both of these parks are truly wonderful places for good and mostly free fun.

Now, if someone would just buy our Jonesboro house and if we could just get into something in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) within a reasonable price ranger, we'll ahev a lot off of our shoulders.

On another note, our new little dog almost got its little chihuahua neck wrung by me because she nipped my son's cheek and drew blood. Granted, he was egging her on against my direction, but when an animal draws blood from my child, the animal is always wrong – period. We still ahve the dog, but she is on probation in my eyes.  

1st Ever Blog Fast May 13, 2006

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I will not blog until Monday, May 22nd – if I can make it that long.

I'll be in Minnesota house hunting. Anyone want to buy a house? I swear that I will knock off up to 5 g's from the price if you buy my house because you saw it on my blog.

Missing Links April 27, 2006

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Dear readers,

I was going to link to everyone who linked to me on my old blog. However, I thought that perhaps not everyone wanted to be linked to. So, here's your chance to boldly say, "Link me now or lose me forever."

Come on, ask me, tell me, make me link to you. All you gotta do is ask. If you aren't willing to do that for a link, then you don't want it baby!

Working With Web Press April 20, 2006

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Since I am in the process of moving over to Web Press, I am learning about blog loyalty. I have to learn a new dashboard, new widgets, and just get familiar with the new system. I like the "categories" option that comes in Word Press. I'm not smart enough to get Blogger to do  this. There is a problem though. Now I have to assign categories to 460 blog posts all the wya back to June 2004 – the day of my blog birth.

I do think Word Press is better than blogger because it gives more versititly while remaining free. I may try to get a host for a fee. Webbleyou is looking good right now. But for now, I am turning over a new leaf – Word Press.