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e85 and other energy July 6, 2006

Posted by fajita in e85, General.

The time of big oil is coming to an end – slowly. Yes, oil will be with us for years to come. But the days of oil’s Superpower status are nearly in decline. Like the Roman Empire, it will hold on to as much power as it can for as long as it can, but it will not be the sole superpower any longer.

Ethanol and later hydrogen will fuel our automobiles. These fuels will become more plentiful and economical in years to come. Wind, solar, and water power will team up to give us larger percentages of our energy needs.

Efficiency will become more attractive as enegy costs rise. With China and India gaining a thirst for energy, there will be greater need to meet that demand.

There will be efforts to make coal cleaner and such, but these will be short term efforts met by too much politcal trouble as coal will not get clean enough.

Energy in the near and more so in the distant future will look less and less like a Superpower (oil) and more and more like an interconnected mosaic. We’ll be platooning to get our energy needs met.

Energy will become more complex, but cleaner and safer (mostly). Jury is still out on nuclear energy. Powerful yes, but leaks are horrific things and they make such good terrorist targets.

What’s your view on the energy future in general (beyond what you will put in your vehicle)?