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Busy News Day July 5, 2006

Posted by fajita in enron, politics.

Ken Lay is dead. There is no doubt to be some gloating and some cheering as the former Enron CEO convicted of cheating investors and Wall Street in general to his profit of millions of dollars. He died of massive heart attack.

The fact that he had a heart condition is no mystery. It was the fact that he had a physical heart condition that caused a massive heart attack is what took most people by surprise.

I would say that gloating would be inappropriate and cruel, expecially to his loved ones who have been dealt yet another devastating blow. Justice in the courts has been done, and that is enough. Anything else is just revenge.


North Korea is testing missiles. Their scariest missile, the long range, Taepodong-2, self-destructed 42 seconds after launch. This is the missile that was said to have the capability to reach the United States West Coast. This would be a humiliating embarassment for North Korea and kind of funny had the implications not been so grave.

North Korea, as you may remember, is part of what George W. Bush called, “The Axis of Evil,” Iran and Iraq being the others. Whether this development makes Bush a prophet or a self-fulfilling prophet at this point is irrelevant. This development might be compared to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.   


The United States got a Space Shuttle off the ground and into t space without a hitch – well, without a major hitch. I am so glad everything went well. It is good for the United States to ahve some good news.  


I am moving to Minnesota, the nation’s leader in e85 distribution. e85 is a homegrown, corn based (usually) gas for automobiles. It’s 85% corn and 15% gas. Think energy freedom. If you can use this product, I highly reccommend that you do. Many vehicles have flex-fule technology in their engines and owners don’t even know it. Can your vehicle use e85? Click here to find out. Where can I buy e85? Click here to find out. I will probably be buying mine here, if I ever get a vehicle that runs on the stuff.

e85 is cheaper than regular gas, but gets a little bit lower fuel economy. For the price, it is a wash. But the value in it is 2-fold. 1. Money stays in the US and does not travel to terrorist nations. 2. The Co2 it produced in consumption equals the Co2 taken in by the corn it is produced from. In short, it’s clean.

I want my next car to be an e85 hybrid. That would be a hydrid gas/electric engine that burns e85 gas. Clean and super efficient.