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Baseball, Faith, and the Moses Bobblehead September 2, 2006

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Who is looking more desperate, the minor league baseball execs looking  to fill seats or the people of faith who fill them?

First of all, does the Moses bobblehead fill seats? And if it does, what does that mean for the minor league team distributing them? What does it mean for the Christian consumers gathering them up?

Just look at the face on that Moses bobblehead. What is Moses saying to you? He looks pretty ticked off to me, like he just realized that Israel is worshipping a golden calf at the same time he wants to give them the Law.

Isn’t there a happy moment for Moses we could have shared through this bobblehead instead of a mad one?

Anyway, read the San Francisco Chronicle article if you want to.


What’s Your Name? July 13, 2006

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My pirate name is Cheatin’ Hidalgo Bonny

My gangsta name is Steamy Rat Snatch

My mafia name is Emilio the Bear

My cutesy pet name is Bulky Booty

My taxi driver name is Feng Po Crockett

My very British name is Rufus Gladstone

My ethnic stud name is Cristo Hernandez

My Epics Darth name is Darth Influenza

My dragon name is Jacei the All Seeing Green Dragon

And finally, because this is getting really stupid, my ska name is Dutchie Navarone

Huh? June 24, 2006

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chewable.jpegSo, I was in Nashville this weekend and went to a palce in Franklin called, The Factory. In the bathroom at The Factory is a vending maching (looks like a gumball machine) that sells the Chewable Toothbrush.

Now, I have been to restaurants with the Cosco sized mouth wash dispensers in the bathroom and that made . I have been to places with free mints in a little basket at the check out. I have seen mint vending machines.

This, however, is something that goes over the top.

My lame-o brother in law wants credit for this "find" and for the idea of blogging it.

You buy this, chew it up, and spit it out when your teeth are "clean." This goes beyond the little finger puppet looking toothbrush thingy that never really caught on. What is the point of this chewable "toothbrush?" If you're really that toothbrush dependent, then you will bring a travel toothbrush with your where ever you go.

Supersize yourself, and now this June 9, 2006

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Not long ago we were wowed and appalled by Supersize Me. And now, for your culinary delight, I give you, "The Monkey Chow Diaries."

Black Family Scared Out of Pomo Church June 9, 2006

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Go to The Holy Observer and read this article. And then read their disclaimer.

676 June 7, 2006

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Whew! We made it. Unless of course I am dead an in denial.

A Little Something June 5, 2006

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Woman Marries Snake – charming

After a divorce in Spain, a man has no visitation rights – to see his dogs that is.

Doug Pagitt is blogging over here now.

Professor is the 2nd best job in America.

Now that I am entering into the world of academic blogs, I am learning a lot – here's one with attitude.

Dissertation Defense June 4, 2006

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Since I will be pursuing a PhD soon, I have to think of things like writing a dissertation. Then I will have to defend my work in front of the big dogs – or big cats as the case may be.

If any of my readers have ever defended a dissertation, is it anything like this?