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Therapy in TV and Movies June 23, 2006

Posted by fajita in Family Science, Media.

I am teaching a counseling course this Fall and I am wanting to gather some TV or movie clips that show counselors counseling. These can be serious or silly.

Here is what I have so far (please add):

What about Bob?

Alias (can't remember which season – anyone know?)

Prince of Tides

Vegietales ("I Love My Lips" music video)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith


A Little Something June 22, 2006

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Parents robbing the piggy banks. "Mom, you go to the naughty corner!"

War is bad enough, but when there is war, sexual violence goes up.

Infertile? Or just way too stressed out?

Bored this summer? Don't know what to do with you kids? Try this. (ht Mark Elrod)

I am reading (finally) The Da Vinci Code and I lovehatelovehatelove it. I'll review it when I am done, as if you haven't heard everythingh there is to say about it.

Pomomusings brings us an insightful commercial video which connects to real human experience.

Messy Christian hangs it up. Bloggonnit!

If you're headed to Argentina, Argenteen offers a "what to bring with you" list.

Might As Well Face It You’re Addicted To Noise June 8, 2006

Posted by fajita in Media.

by Chris Gonzalez

Jonesboro Sun

Release: 10 June 06


When was the last time you spent 30 waking minutes alone in unplugged silence? Go ahead. I dare you to ponder that question. I’ll wait; I’m not going anywhere. The mere fact that you have to think about it means that you are overly plugged in to noise.


Let’s count the noise in your day. Let’s see, there is the television (DVD’s, downloads, Tivo’d shows, and shows on demand), the radio, the car radio, the MP3 player, the internet, the cell phone, the Blackberry, videogames, various handheld gadgets, and there has got to be a few technological gadgets that make noise I am not considering, but I think you get the point. We have evolved technologically such that there is no more quiet space. No matter where we are in the world, we have a gadget capable of making noise.


A few weeks ago I traveled to
Thida, Arkansas. Uhm, that’s near Oil Trough, which is near
Newport, which is not too far from Batesville. Point: I was in the middle of nowhere. I went there intentionally so I could get away for a day down near a quiet creek. It was a beautiful, warm day and the water was clear and cold. I took off my socks and shoes and waded in the water. It felt good.


Of course I brought my cell phone with me; I take it with me everywhere I go. The strange thing was how I got perfect cell reception in this remote and uninhabited location outside of Thida. The only reason I know that I got perfect cell reception was that I made a stinking phone call while I was there. Yes, I did enjoy nature, bird songs, playful butterflies, and the small swarm of gnats hovering over the surface of the water. But why did I feel compelled in the midst of all of this beauty to make a phone call?


I am worried about myself. It’s not that I think I’m different or weird; no, for me that would be wonderful. Rather I am worried that I am too much getting sucked into the flow of American life that has slowly squeezed out everything calm, quiet, and peaceful. Even when I get away I can’t really stand it. I have got to plug in.


Admit it, you would have made that call from the creek in Thida, too. Which begs the question: Why is it so hard to be alone, to be quiet, to be calm? I wonder if we have gotten so connected technologically that we have disconnected from ourselves. Could it be that we are missing one of the most important relationships in the world: the one with ourselves?


Why is it so uncomfortable to be quiet, alone, and calm? Is there some kind of fear that we might learn about who we really are and then not like that person we find? Well, that question seems kind of overly psychoanalytical, depressing, and even pathological. Could it be that we are slowly being sucked into evil powers of the wicked beast of American consumerism? Hmmm, probably, but that is still kind of dark and depressing.


Perhaps it has more to do with a mild addiction…to noise. Noise is a good distracter, a mild and soothing painkiller, and a reason not to think because, hey, there is that darn noise going on. And think about it, so far as addictions go, you could do worse. It’s a relatively clean addiction – no needles, no vomiting, no diseases. It’s not a health risk and you can do it right on front of other people and no one judges you for it. For all of the options of addictions, the noise addiction isn’t so bad.


However, constant noise does make difficult plumbing the depths of the soul. It makes finding meaning in life, in nature, and in silence impossible. What is missed in an ever noisy world is something of tremendous value.


There is an ancient practice that involves intentional silence – alone silence. Finding time to be in a silent and peaceful place might actually quiet the noise inside you. Wouldn’t it be nice, just for a while, if all the noise stopped?


A Little Something June 7, 2006

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Apparently blogging is not new.

Should the crackas be rappin'? Assimilated Negro weighs in.

Wisdom emerges from relationships?

April Fool's joke taken as serious news down under. I love it.

Bob gives us a little help on building community.

My team stinks.

525,600 Minutes: Thoughts on RENT June 5, 2006

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RENT was an incredible piece of art and creativity. I loved the music. I found the music inspirational and powerful.

The story, on the other hand, was so tragic. It was rife with the consequences of reckless lives. Loneliness, brokenness, and illness is pervasive in what should have been the prime of their lives. When life should be full and healthy and free, this group of friends finds the tyrrany of the consequences of their allegedly free lives.

What did redeem the story was the power of their friendships. This is an important message for the church in the emerging culture. Whereas the church primarily privileges families, the emerging culture is more and more single. Whereas many people find their shelter in families, where do single adult people find their shelter except in their friendships?

Now, the modern church might find marriage to be the "solution" to the singleness of America, but that insults and outgroups single people unnecessarily. Rather what the church should be doing in the emerigng culture is finding ways to privilege singlesness as well as marriages and families.

I like how the emerging church uses friendship as one of their primary metaphors as opposed to family or marriage. "Friendship" does not outgroup like marriage or family does – in this culture, remember. Certainly marriage and family are metaphors that are useful, but there are others that fit well and friendship is one of them.

RENT has significant art value and is insightful of an emeging worldview.

Now, think about this message in RENT about the emerging culture in light of the current legislation proposed. It's not that marriage is bad, but it seems like its overprivileged. This legislation goes even further to make a divide between hetero marrieds and others.

Don't get me wrong, marriage is good, very good. But to make it a point of contention and division is not a good idea, no matter who is making it an issue.

A Little Something June 2, 2006

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African American Men from colonial days until now – a timeline.  (ht Black Prof)

non-church movement gaining steam in japan (ht Jonny Baker)

Wade Hodges is frustrated and needs a little something. Help him write his book.

And finally, who can tell me what TV show this qupte comes from? "That's just jibber babber."

A Little Something June 1, 2006

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Here are the most influential churches in America.

Charlie Wear weighs in the Colson and Jones debate.Tall SKinny Kiwi adds some humor.

Mark Driscoll gives us a little something on noise addiction.

A little Asian American Youth Ministry.

Preacher reality show? Come on!

My dog is turning into this dog.

Get more people to your blog this way.

More on Jesus Bucks May 30, 2006

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Mark Driscoll shares about marketing Jesus here.

LOST – Am I the one pressing the button? May 25, 2006

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I watched LOST last night, the season finale, and I have to tell you, I am lost myself. They finally didn't press the button and this huge electromagnetic reaction began, but was then alleviated by the turn of a key by the guy who was in the hatch when they first went into it. That guy reappeared last night from who knows where and suddenly became essential to the show and the future of the plotline.

I don't even believe the writers know where this thing is going. Yes, the story of Lost has some terrific religious and philosophical allusions. Yes, the sociological insights are intriguing. And thinking about Lost from the perspective of culture-building can really get your mind to wonder. But where is it going?

I have this fear that perhaps I am the one pressing the button and don't know why. I show up weekly to press the Lost button on my TV, but only to come again and do it the following week. Why? Because I have the belief that I am going to learn something. I press the Lost button because I believe something about it.

But when I suspend my disbelief and put my cynicism in the corner, I do believe this story is going somewhere. Perhaps I believe in Lost the same way I believe in God, only without the eternal implications. There is a story happening with God. I cannot deny the story. Lots of things happen that I cannot explain, but cannot deny either. I get footage (Bible) that is broken up, dated, and from another culture, that give me clues as to the meaning of the story, but it remains largely a mystery to me. There is danger in this story and death can enter in at any time. Much of what I believe about the story actually turns out to be false, but that does not make the story false.

Any Lost fans out there want to comment either on the season finale or on the faith implications of the series?  

A Little Something May 24, 2006

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Postmodern Negro speaks up about the Davinci Code

Tony Jones gives us a little something – is the emerging church the new Christian left?

Technorati shacks up with the AP.

Faithmaps, you looking so good now.

Can clergy help prevent suicide? You better believe it.

Here is the 5 year stock trend for the company my mother works for.

Should Oprah get a Nobel Peace Prize?