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Psalm 11 Reloaded July 19, 2006

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Look, you can have all your stupid clichés and quote your pithy philosophical garbage all you want, I’ve got one place and one place only that I go when I am in trouble. That place is to God.  Here is may favorite one of your lame songs; this one makes me laugh.

We’re sittin’ ducks;

We’re sittin’ ducks;

The flock must fly, or we’re gonna die, 

We’re sittin’ ducks;

We’re sittin’ ducks;

Hunter’s gotta gun, so we gotta run, 

We’re sitting ducks;

We’re sitting ducks;

Let’s fly the coop or we’re duck soup.  

Go ahead, sing your depressing songs. I have confidence that God is going to make things right. He sees everything going on here. This current mess we’re in is no surprise to the God I know. The god you know, well, I’m not so sure.

The God I know is looking at us all, and not just on the outside. He’s zeroed in on what I think and feel, not just what I do. He’s doing the same thing with you. When he finds good things going on on the inside, he saves it all up, but when he finds a bad apple, he pitches it into the burn heap.

Look, this might sound harsh, but think about it, rotten always spreads to make more rotten, not the other way around. It is for the sake of the good that he chunks the bad.

All you need to do is to get goodness into your heart and then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Then you’ll be able to look God in the eye and not be afraid of anything.  


Psalm 10 Reloaded July 6, 2006

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Alright God, where are ya? My plate’s full and you’re no where to be found.


I see all of these yahoos taking advantage of honest and naïve people. These jerks sit around inventing ways to make fools of decent people. Then they brag about it every time these decent people get tricked by their tomfoolery. Every twisted thought that enters their minds becomes profuse verbal arrogance. Not only that, they mock you, God. Their minds and hearts are so full of, well, full of themselves that there is no room for you, God. Even if they were to see you face to face, they would turn up their noses and walk away. And what really hacks me off is that they are loaded. Yeah, they’re rich. In the comfort of their wealth they see rules as something to joke about, as if the rules apply to everyone else, but not to them. I have even seen some of them look up to the sky and give you the finger. Their native language isn’t English or Spanish, but rather Threats and Curses. They are so vile that they could make a profanity out of the word ‘love.’


Here’s an example of what these guys are like: They spend their time waiting, hiding in the bushes for someone to walk by. Then they jump out and pound on innocent people. They humiliate them, rob them, and don’t much care if they kill them. Ever see a lion pounce? That’s how they do it. And when they are done, they sit around getting drunk while making jokes about how God has lost his mind.


            Alzheimer’s must be setting in. He can’t even remember his own children, they say.


            He’s chicken. God is afraid of us, they mock.


Come on, God! How long are you going to let this go on? Have you forgotten the helpless? Why are letting them get away with this? God, I know you better than this. You don’t just sit around and let trouble run amuck. The people victimized by these losers look to you for help. The people who are depressed, anxious, have come from messed up families, are poor, looked down on, and have all kinds of trouble – these people look to you. Do something! God, just walk up to these mockers and bust them in the chops. Show up at their beer party and give them a little somethin’, somethin’. Someone’s got to let these losers know that they aren’t getting away with this.


I know you, God. You’re in charge. You’ve got this timing thing that doesn’t really jibe with mine, but I trust that you know what you’re doing. I know it’s coming. I know you’re going to impose decisions that make things right. You’ll come just when hope is vanishing and save the day. Good guys win; bad guys lose. Those people who are depressed, anxious, have come from messed up families, are poor, looked down on, and have all kinds of trouble are going to get their fair share when you come to town.

Psalm 9 Reloaded July 3, 2006

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My heart is bubbling over with good things to say about you. All of the things you’ve done, I just can’t shut up about them. I feel so happy it makes me want to sing, which is really something because I don’t always feel that way.


You have turned back those haters and sent them running and stumbling and bumbling until they self-destruct. We teamed up together and won. You took your place of Decider and made right decisions. I see how much power you have; you can tell a whole country to jump and they ask, how high? And if you wanted to wipe them from the face of the earth, or even from the memory of the earth, all you have to do is speak. When someone comes up against you is it like beating their head against a brick wall. What is the point? All that will result in is self-destruction. And yet, there they go. Don’t they know that everyone who has ever tried to come up against you lost? In fact, they lost so bad we can’t even remember who they are anymore.


If I were to time travel as far in the past and as far in the future as I could go, there would be one thing consistent, you are in charge. You are the Decider from A to Z. The good news is that you are fair in your decisions. No Mickey Mousing around: you’re fair. This is good news for everyone because we know what we are getting with you. What we get is a safe place to rest, to hide, to be protected from those haters. I am so glad I know you because I have a place to go when I need help. With you, it’s a sure thing. I have total confidence in you.


I feel like singing again just thinking about you. I don’t just want to sing all by myself. No, I want to live stream it, blog it, podcast it, vlog it; it’s all over Myspace. I want to lift up my window and scream it to people out there. Yeah, people might think I’m nuts, but when I was down and out, you were there and you lifted me up and brought me in. If that’s not worth singing about I don’t know what is.


But, as much as I want to sing, I am not out of the woods yet. I’m sure you notice that those haters want to bum rush my show one more time. The closer they get, the more nervous I get. They want to bring me a load of death and force feed it to me. Well, let’s see them try and do that. When they try, they’ll meet you in the dark alley and scurry aware like sewer rats in the sunshine. Then I’ll get to singing: saved once again. Good for me; bad for them. That load of death meant for me ends up stuck in their throats. There is a certain poetry about your justice, no?


So those haters, those who mock you, they end up filling graves in cemeteries. The people who live are the weak, the frail, and the needy. It’s these people who find hope.


Oh yeah, hop up onto your Decider chair and tell it like it is. When you do, those who love you are comforted, but those haters, well, they go running scared. 

Psalm 8 Reloaded June 29, 2006

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God, you rock!!! If I were to look in every single place on this earth to find the coolest thing, I would still come to the conclusion that you are the best.

I look up into the sky at night and see the stars, the moon, the Milky Way, and even the Northern Lights sometimes, and think, you’re not cheap. When you do a creation, you do it right. There is more to see and know about this universe than could ever bee known in one thousand lifetimes. Yes, you spare no expense in creating the awesome. Even little kids know this. They are amazed by the moon and stars. They point and say, “look, the moon,” and they are lost in wonder. Is that not praise? Is that not worship? What enemy can say a word about your creation? Their mouths are shut because they are as amazed as the little kids, even though they don’t say it. Too selfish. Too proud.

When I think of all of your wonders in space, the planets, meteors, galaxies and black holes, how huge it all is, how small I am compared to it, how small we all are, I wonder why you even care about us. Really now, doesn’t bigger mean better? Why would you be so concerned about little people on a little planet? Aren’t there bigger and better things to care about? Why us? Why humanity? Although, it is almost like people are little angels, somehow glorious and honorable. You did make people to be in charge of things on this little world. We have to take care of the animals and birds and fish and bugs and all that. We are in charge of little things in kind of the same way you are in charge of big things. Wow, God, you just blew my mind!

God, you rock!!!

Psalm 7 Reloaded June 21, 2006

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O my God, I need a place to hide. Hide me. They seek me. Protect me; I’m on the run. They are too much for me to fight off alone. Fierce, like a lion, they want to rip me to shreds. They would like nothing better than to corner me all by my self and devour me.


Come on God, if I have done anything to deserve this, if I have done the same evil that they want to do to me then let them have me. Do I seek out peaceful people only to destroy them? Do I go around stealing? If I do these things, then by all means, let them crush me for I deserve to be crushed.


But you know I haven’t done anything like that. So, come and fight for me. Flex your muscles right in their face and humiliate those who are trying to get me.


Stand up and show them how big you are, show them what happens when they make you mad. I’m nudging you, Lord, wake up, make a ruling. Gather everyone around you so that no one can say they have not heard you. Tell them the truth once and for all. Show them who is boss.


And show me who is boss as well. What I think you will find is that I am seeking to be good – good the way you see it. I invite you to look inside me. I am not so foolish as to ask you to look into the hearts and minds of my enemy without first looking into my heart and mind. I believe that when you search out the hearts and minds people, you will bring an end to the violence on earth and the violence done to me. You will make my insecurity something I talk about in past tense, memories of days long ago when I used to feel so afraid.


You are a brick wall all around me, and because you are there for me, I want to be everything you want me to be. Of all of the judges and people who make judgments, you are the only one who is actually fair. When you get mad, I know it is for a good reason. When you take out your anger, I know you aren’t just blowing off steam. You’re not an idiot; you know what you are doing. And when injustice gets out of control, you’re not afraid to make things right, even if it means taking some people out.


You look right through people! Not good news for those posers. You see that some of them have sin growing right inside of them, like they are pregnant, not with a precious baby, however but rahter with the essence of sin. When the troublesome sin is born, however, all of the promises sin offered are found out to be complete lies. But then there they are, having to deal with the consequences of the sin with nothing good to show for it. All the dreams and desires that they thought would be fulfilled now leave them empty, lonely, sad, and hopeless. All of their beliefs about the sin were merely illusions, and you can’t get love from an illusion. It’s like having a pet snake. Get to close and you’ll get bit. It’s like digging a hole and then forgetting where you dug it. Eventually, you’ll fall into it.


God, thanks. You’re good, and that’s more than I can say for this world. If I am going to sing the praises of anyone, it is going to be you. No one else deserves my praise. No one else has earned them. You are the only thing in this world that isn’t really crappy.

Psalm 6 Reloaded June 18, 2006

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Psalm 6 Reloaded


Oh no! God, see, I know I’ve blown it. I really screwed up this time. I already know it. Please don’t get mad. Just worrying about it has been punishment enough. Disappointing you is my discipline.


I need mercy like a starving man needs food. Feed me. I’m so full of guilt that my skeleton is disintegrating inside my body. Let me off the hook. How long do I have to suffer with my guilt? I’ve paid the price. Forgive me.


I feel like I am about to die. I’m headed toward the cliff and I have no brakes. Stop me. Surely your love is bigger than my screw ups. What good does it do anyone if I die? When I’m dead I can’t praise you. You don’t see corpses lifting holy hands in the cemetery, do you? I really want to praise you.


I’m exhausted! I’ve been weeping for way too long. My bed looks like it’s been out in the rain I’ve cried so much. And when my bed was soaked, I moved to my couch and now it’s soaked, too.


I think my eyes are going bad for all the tears. Those haters are constantly on my back.


Just, just get away from me all of you who have nothing better to do than hate my guts. God’s coming. When I cry, He doesn’t just sit there. When He comes and sees it is you who hates me, look out! Get ready to eat your words. There is going to be egg on your face. You’re going to wish you’d never come my way.

Psalm 5 Reloaded June 15, 2006

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God, whew! I really need you to listen to me on this one. I’m worn out physically, emotionally and spiritually. In fact, let me just cry out a little. OK; better. You’re my Best Friend, if you won’t hear me no one will. I’m not going to pray to anyone else.


From the very moment I wake up in the morning, you are waiting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what I will say. I can’t wait to wake up because I know you’re waiting for me. And when I bring my request to you, I can’t wait for your answer.


Why so confident? You are all about good and none about bad. I know that nothing bad can stand to be in your presence. Evil people are grossed out by you, which is just fine with me. People who are so puffed up and full of themselves get their bubbles burst when they get near you. In fact, it is you who pop their bubbles. People who have deceit and violence in their hearts and minds run into a buzz saw when they try to get on stage with you.


But I’m not into all that violence and deceit. No, I’m just into accepting your generous invitation to hang out in your house. To get a privilege like that, whoa, I have to take my ball cap off because hanging out in your house is way too good for me. I look at your temple and fall on my face. I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy! 

I want to be like you. I want to be good. I want to make it in this life. Make the way before me obvious because there are people trying to get me. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it.


Although they might make sense, those people who are against me cannot be trusted ever. All they can think about is hurting me, killing me. Lies, lies, lies! If I were to believe what they tell me I would take a quick trip to the cemetery and never leave.


God, you are the Decider. You know they are guilty. Say so. Nail them to the wall. Show them for what they are, frauds. Give them the punishment they deserve. Why wait? They have done this to themselves. They were foolish enough to be against you.


But for us, we get to rest in your house, your fortress… and we’re loving it. We write songs about how great it is to be with you and sing them all the time. We all love you so much. We celebrate within the walls of your protection.


All we did was to agree with you and look what you’ve done. We are doused in your approval and protected by your affirmation. Sweet!

Psalm 4 Reloaded June 14, 2006

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God, please talk back to me when I talk to you. You are the only one I can talk to who gives a rip. I am totally stressed out! I need some relief and there doesn’t seem to be anyone who can do anything about it. It’s no use praying unless I am praying to you. So, you gonna show me some love?


It’s endless! People all around mock me. They mock you. You are my purpose and my reason and all they can do is taunt us both. They spend all of their time and energy inventing these stupid gods and then worshipping them, as if they were equal to or better than you. It’s crazy!


Listen you people, God only selects those who love Him. Hello! Wake up and smell the coffee. If you do not select Him, He will not select you. It’s not too difficult. I’ve chosen Him and He hears my prayers. Me and God, we talk.


Sure, look around, there is plenty to get upset about, lots of things can get you angry, but what is the point in blowing a gasket over them? Why not just chill out, take a nap, and then think about it s a bit? After taking a chill pill you’ll realize that it’s not worth getting all mad about?


Trust God. Give it up for Him.


Sure, there will always be those people in the peanut gallery, armchair coaches asking all kinds of questions like, “What’s the use?” and “Why try?” But God, I ask you to be good to them too, to show them that their doubts are pointless. Show yourself to them personally and light up their life.


Hey, you’ve filled my heart with all kinds of joy. In fact, the joy you give is better than anything else. No food or drink or anything can satisfy my like you can. When I go to bed, I am at total peace. Why? Well, it is because you are my God and you have made a safe place for me to sleep. That’s why.

Psalm 3 Reloaded June 12, 2006

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God, it’s like this, the entire world is against me. Everyone seems to have a gripe on me. And the word around town is that You are no where to be found.


But I don’t believe that. Every where I go you are beating back the lies and the liars. You protect me from things I don’t even know could hurt me. I never knew of them because you went out before I even got out of bed and took care of them. And what is even better than that, you give me all kinds of confidence, the kind that I know never could have come from my own abilities.


God, one of the things I really like about you is that you listen when I talk. You’re not like others who only pretend to listen. Not only that, but you can do something about my problems. No one else can seem to do that.


At night I go to bed like everyone else, but I wake up happy because you are my energy. Others are so depressed they almost don’t make it out of bed. With you, getting up in the morning is the best thing I do. All the world’s possibilities are presented before me because of you. Though people are jealous, bitter, angry and just plain mean, I will not be afraid. They have their own strength for the day, but I have your strength. Whew!


So, this is what I desire: God, make it your duty to deal with those who hate me. If I do it on my own: failure. But if you do it, they will run away with their tails tucked between their legs. Do to them what they wish to do to me and maybe then they will learn.


You are the only one who can save me. All good things come from you. 

Psalm 2 Reloaded June 11, 2006

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It is completely insane what these people do. Presidents, Kings and Prime Ministers all do the same thing, and it's insane. They refuse to follow God. They ridicule, put down and plan to destroy those who love God, especially God's Special One. They whisper things to each other like, "let's flex our muscles and rough this guy up," and "let's make a public scene to humiliate and embarrass him." But God hears their whispers no matter how secret they try to be. And when He hears their little plans, He finds them comical. He chuckles at first. Then He laughs and laughs like He's watching a well-written sitcom. He knows what's really going to happen and can't wait to see the looks on their faces when their plans completely backfire. Then, when He's had his fill of laughter, the Ruler of all the Universe unleashed His infinite power and makes even the most powerful kings run and cry like little babies. God says, "I will decide who is King and who isn't. My Son, He will be King. I choose Him and there is nothing you can do about it." Then God talks to His Son right in front of these kings and says, "Son, I own everything. Whatever it is you want, it is yours. You will have so much power that these little kings will be your servants and slaves. They will be easily crushed in their defiance."

Then God will say to the little kings, "You'd better watch your step! You are going to serve my son one way or another. Either do it willingly or do it by force, but make no mistake, you will serve my son. You'd be wise to treat my son with the top respect and honor. If you don't, His temper may make you a casualty, and you don't want that do you?

Everyone who decides to be protected by Him will be protected, but if you make an enemy out of my Son, that is suicide.

Psalm 2 NIV here.