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Defining a racist December 4, 2006

Posted by fajita in Race.

Malcolm Gladwell has a thoughtful piece on racism. It’s worth a read.


A Little Something July 11, 2006

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Mark Elrod makes a good military/Christianity tie in here.

Could you do church like this?

You can’t stop cyberchurch, and you shouldn’t even try.

Post Secret gets me everytime. You might make it your prayer list.

 Library politics can get nasty.

Short on sperm? No worries, we’ll grow some in the lab for you.

Life’s not getting better for kids. The Kids Count Data Book is online. Check it out.

And finally, Katrina, race and SES by the numbers.

A Little Something June 20, 2006

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Meet the Wal-Mart Jews.

Patrick Mead is no wussy.

I keep going back to Waiterrant. Why? Because he is so good. This one is one lust.

Black Prof Blog will get you thinking about race, excellence and basketball. And if that weren't enough, check out this one on race, AIDS and conspiracy theories.

A Little Something June 7, 2006

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Apparently blogging is not new.

Should the crackas be rappin'? Assimilated Negro weighs in.

Wisdom emerges from relationships?

April Fool's joke taken as serious news down under. I love it.

Bob gives us a little help on building community.

My team stinks.

A Little Something June 2, 2006

Posted by fajita in A Little Something, Christianity, Civil Rights, Media, Philosophy/Religion, Race, TV.

African American Men from colonial days until now – a timeline.  (ht Black Prof)

non-church movement gaining steam in japan (ht Jonny Baker)

Wade Hodges is frustrated and needs a little something. Help him write his book.

And finally, who can tell me what TV show this qupte comes from? "That's just jibber babber."