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Buffet Blesses Gates June 26, 2006

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According to NPR, Warren Buffet, the world's 2nd wealthiest man, is giving most of his 37 billion dollars to the world's wealthiest man, Bill Gates. Check it out here. Or read about it in Fortune here.

This is good news. The reason this is good news has to do with the fact that Buffet is giving the dough to the Gates Foundation, famous for funding vaccinations.  

What is novel about this is that Buffet is not waiting around until he dies to get a foundation moving with his wealth. He's goig to be alive to see what good his money does, at least for a while. Also, the fact that he is not creating the Buffet Foundation, is unique. He has no need to celebrate himself with a named foundation when there is one already doing a fine job of helping make this world a better place. He is also avoiding the huge costs of creating a foundation for that much money. Always the shrewd money man.

I am impressed with Buffet's generosity. He's one of those rich guys that you wonder if he really cares. The fact that he is giving away more money than small countries generate with their GDP does not necessarily make him a caring person, but it does at least put that huge capital resource into something worthwhile and not merely into more American consumerism.

So, in honor of Warren Buffet adn his radical generosity, I say, three cheers

Hip, hip, hooray!!!!!

Hip, hip, hooray!!!!!

Hip, hip, hooray!!!!!


Father’s Day is coming and I have no father June 16, 2006

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This will be my first Father’s Day without my father. I won’t call him this year and apologize for sending the card Saturday and that I swear he’ll love it on Tuesday when it finally arrives. I won’t talk to him on the phone for a few minutes sharing a funny story. I won’t tell him I wish I could be there. I won’t hear him say he loves me and that he is proud of me. I won’t hear his voice at all.

I am sad right now and I do not want it to be Father’s Day, even though I am a father of two wonderful children. I am not ready for a day of celebration in which I have no one to celebrate. I just want to wake up Monday and plug along.

Maybe if I get my sadness out between now and then, the actual day won’t be so bad.

I know he is alive, but I cannot grasp him. I know he is near, but I cannot feel him. I know that he is safe, but I do not feel safe. What I want is to be reunited, but I must wait. On days like today, I am already so sick of waiting.

A Little Something June 15, 2006

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So, ladies, if you want to live divorce-free, here’s the statistical recipe: Marry a 26-year-old college-educated Latino man who has never cohabited. (Hey, I am a college-educated Latino man who never cohabited and married when I was 26).

Which theologian are you? (ht Running with the Lion)

Who wants a free book? Hurry up!

Don't know what to tip? Go here to find out. Great advice for uncouth dolts like me.

Should you be able to read the research reports your tax dollars pay for?

Texas can be a scary place.

A Little Something June 11, 2006

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Got vision but not called to be the front man (woman)? Here's hope for you.

Washington Post digs house churches.

Is the church ready for young fogies?

Would you could you on a train?

My favorite commercial.

Black Family Scared Out of Pomo Church June 9, 2006

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Go to The Holy Observer and read this article. And then read their disclaimer.

Great Post June 4, 2006

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Matt Ritchie has a great post. Go to it.

Here's a taste:

We need to ask scriptural question if we want scriptural asnwers.

The gas on gas May 3, 2006

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Here is a recent story on gas prioces and politics.

1. Why are we just now thinking about expanding refinery capacity?

2. Why are we not drilling for more oil?

3. Why isn't a hybrid tax credit permanent?

4. Why isn't there an affordable hybrid? (ie: I can buy a hybrid for the same prive as a Hyundai Accent)

5. Why are we waiting for E85 to become a reality?

6. Why do I have to wait 10 years for hydrogen?

Emerging in unusual places April 25, 2006

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Mark Driscoll talks about a new kind of Christian.

40 Days of Fat & Commercial Song April 18, 2006

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It is that time of year again when men and women who have accrued certain habits and the consequences therein join together for one cause. They unite in the war against fat. For those of you who are not familiar with 40 Days of Fat, it is not merely a "get healthy" physically initiative, but it carries with it a "get healthy" spiritually component. So, 40 Days of Fat encourages people to lose weight, exercise, and get fit with dollar amounts attached to successes. For example, "I will give $1.00 (or whatever amount) per pound lost(miles jogged, minutes worked out, tennis matches played, belt/dress size reduced etc) to _________"

Starting May 1st, 2006, the next incarnation of 40 Days of Fat will begin right here at Straying With The Truth.

On this go around I am supporting church planting. I told you in an earlier post about a friend and colleague of mine who is investigating church planting. His name is Greg Brooks and he is married to Carolyn Brooks. They are working with this organization and this church to go further into investigating God's will for their church planting future.

I would like you to join me in this effort. All 40 Days of Fat posts will appears on this blog. Whereas once upon a time I was in blog expansion mode, I am not in blog consolidation mode.
I am sure many of you are curious about what song is being played on the Chase credit card commercials where the lyrics take the singer through various stages of life following the kinds of credit cards you can get for that stage fo life.

The band is named Five For Fighting. The song is called "100 Years." The CD is entitled, "The Battle For Everything."

The cd is here.

There, now you can quit wondering what that song is.

House For Sale April 18, 2006

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I really liked this Easter post from the Archbishop of Canterbrury found in The Anglican Communion.

And now, about that house for sale. Would someone please buy my house?

Finally, want a free book? The first 50 to respond are promised Scot McKnight's new book "Praying With The Church."