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Skinny, write the book! June 24, 2005

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More “Smells Like Church Spirit” next week
(Updated with a BONUS REASON)

One of my most frequented blogs is Tall Skinny Kiwi. His real name is Andrew Jones and he has taught me much about the emrging church, about creativity in the new media, and about blogging. I thank him for that very, very much. Also, I like the fact that Tall Skinny made a cameo in the made for blog one act play I wrote called, McLaren, Campbell and Starbucks.

A few weeks back he launched out in a series of posts about Deep Ecclesiology. I like it. You might like it as well.

But as much as I like his blog posts about it, I want him to write the book.

Having said that, I know that others have encouraged him to do the same, but as of yet, to no avail. Brian McLaren (one of the main stars in my play) has urged Skinny to do it, but he had not luck.

I believe my efforts will fail as well, but I also think that the Skinny needs ot know why he should write the book. So, here are my 9.5 reasons why he should wirte, “Deep Ecclesiology.”

If you read this and agree with me and would like to expand this idea in blogland, then please link here or post about it yourself.

Skinny, here is why you should write the book:

1. Although your blog has got to be approaching a half million hits, not all of these people are reading your thoughts on Deep Ecclesiology.

2. Baker Books is goo-goo eyed for all things emergent these days. In fact, I’m sure if you so much as twitch, you’d have to beat them off with a stick.

3. A good friend of mine published a book with Baker (It was Bethany at the time) and said the experience was wonderful and he was treated with respect.

4. Portability. I can hand a book to a friend, whether they blog or don’t.

5. Shelf Life. Even though the media is changing, a book has some serious shelf life.

6. Credibility. Please don’t puke. What I mean by this is that many people, good and smart people, have the belief that if it is not in a book it is not worthy of consideration. Although this is a seriously flawed view, they need to be included within their way of understanding. The attitude embedded within a deep ecclesiology is the same as that of someone in the media (new or old) who would want to pitch a big tent – from a media perspective. Broadening your media outlet forms to include old forms will be a respectful invitation to the D.A. Carsons of the world who do better with books.

7. You could made the book like a blog with links and stuff. Lots of room for creative expression.

8. Money. I am sure you feel all weird about spreading out great information and it costing something. Doug Pagitt had similar reservations in publishing Re-Imagining Spiritual Formation. I really like that he said so in the intro to his book. Any money that comes in from royalties and advance could be used for your ministry and the rest could go to some charity. I think you have established yourself as someone who would use the money responsibly.

9. I will buy a copy. So, between me and McLaren, you are guaranteed to sell 2 copies. I have got a hunch there will be more.

9.5 I want to be known as the straw that broke the camel’s back, the guy who pushed you over the edge, the irritating American who wouldn’t shut up unless you wrote the book, etc. OK, this is a dumb reason to write the book and thus it only deserves a .5 on this list.

BONUS REASON: “Deep Ecclesiology” will be one of the 5 most important books for church unity in a 2 decade span.

Skinny, write the book.



1. andrew (tall skinny kiwi) - December 19, 2006

i still havent written the damn book but thats for your encouragement .. .

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