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Lost: Break 5 October 11, 2006

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Jin’s going to do the deed. Murder. Wham that bald head. This is how to get honor to the family? Jin will have mercy? Does he know about the affair or not? Maybe he didn’t know. Jinhas mercy. Jin’s conflicted. Jae commits suicide. Guilt. Pearls in hand.

Lots of others on the boat. Colleen has a gun pointed at her by Sun. sun is in control. How does Colleen know her so well? colleen says, “we are not the enemy.” Sun shoots. Bullets come back at her. Sun wants to escape. Sun in the drink. Others have the boat. Jin super happy that Sun is alive. They will kiss. They hugged.


Lost: Break 4 October 11, 2006

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Flashback to Sun and Jin. He’s going to sya something. She’s nervous. Jin is caught between the woman he loves and the father-in-law he thinks he needs. Jin’s off to kill a man.

Sayid’s making the big, big fire. Jin wants Sayid’s gun. Huh? What gives? Where are the freaking subtitles? Ah ha, I knew he knew English. Jin is now packing heat, baby. What’s he going to do?

The others, freaks, what the heck are they doing? Why is Juliet looking flirtingly at sawyer? Sh eknows his weakness. He poured out water in front of her as if to say, screw you.” Sawyer really got the hots for Kate. And now he kisses her deeprly. Big fight. Sawyer’s got a gun. Oh, there’s Kate’s freckles. Juliet gots gun too. Sawyer gets shocked.

Sun’s back on the boat as Jin and Sayid awati to ambush. Someone’s in the boat with Sun. Cripes!!!

Lost: Break 3 October 11, 2006

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Jin is talking with Sun’s father. Shame. “I need you to restore my family’s honor” by murder!!!

Jin said, “others,” in English. Jin’s English is getting better.

Kate is swinging a pick in a hot dress and Sawyer can’t keep his eyes off her. OK, the dress isn’t that hot, but Kate is. Kate is talking to someone in the woods. Who is she? Mr. Shocker says “shut up.” Me no like him.

Sun is concerned about Sayid’s ideas. She thinks he’s lying. He was lying. Now he confesses to lie. sayid wants to lure the others wit the fire. Sayid asked Sun to lie to Jin for 20 minutes. she’s capable of lying to him. but can she do it again?

Lost: Break 2 October 11, 2006

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Sawyer’s got rocks again. Rah, rah, rah music. Sayer gets lunch to keep up his strength. Colleen’s whispering – what are they talking about? Oh look, there’s Kate.

sayid looks like he wants to torture sombody. Sun apologizes to Jin. Tender moent music. Oh, look, they are in love. Flashback music.

sun is had an affair with Jae. She feels guilt. He’s not just a little bald. Pearl necklace from Jae.

“Who can it be knocking at my door?”

Father busted Sun in the affair. He’s not a happy camper.

Sawyer’s sexual desire was at odds with his chivalry. Mr. shocker guy gave Sawyer a nice one.

Lost: Break 6 October 4, 2006

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Sawyer’s trying to get a rock. What’s he going to do with that rock? Oh look, a lever. Music. Oh look, a little fake fish. Oh, look, some kibbles. some water. Oh look, Kate. So happy together. Sawyer calls Kate “Freckles.” Does she really have enough freckles to be called Freckles?

Sawyer gives Kate a deliciosu bass buiscut.

Jack wakes up from Juliet’s whack. They are under water, under an aqurium.

“It doesn’t matter who we were. It only matters who we are.” Juliet knows a lot about Jack. How does she know this? How does she a copy of his autopsy report? Juliet’s got a whole file on Jack. she knows about Jack’s ex-wife, Sarah. Cripes!

Jack’s out of flashback jail. Sarah posted bail. How nice. She’s not really warming up to Jack. There she went. Jack’s ex-wife wasn’t with Jack’s dad. There’s some relief. Jack is coming to terms with losing sarah. “Is she happy?” Juliet seems to know that Sarah is happy.

Ben is the main guy.

Next on LOST. Kate and Sawyer kiss.

AMEX commercial October 4, 2006

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I’m mad. You’ve got to have an American Express Card to get more LOST info. That’s crap. I will never, ever get an American Express card – period. They lost me forever as a potential customer. Shame on them.

Lost: Break 5 October 4, 2006

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Jack is back and here comes Juliet. She is trying to get Jack to eat.

Flashback to Jack in hospital. There’s his dad. is he talking to Sarah? Jack followed dad to hotel. Raoming the halls. There’s dad. Dramatic music. Dad is busted – in an AA meeting. Jack making a fool of himself. Jack accused his father of sleeping iwth his wife. “Jack, let it go” and took him down. Jack takes Juliet down. Now he’s got her. Jack tries to open the door that the Others claim will kill them. Lots of water. Close that door. Juliet’s got a good cross.    

Lost: Break 4 October 4, 2006

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Jack’s on the phone. Oh, there’s his dad. Boundaries villation dad, back off. Jack’s obsessed with Sarah’s lover. “Why is Sarah calling you, dad?” Here comes hat drink theme again. Is jack’s dad with Jack’s wife? Oh how they make us wonder.

Jack is back in jail again. Crackly voice “let it go Jack” in his father’s voice. Is Jack halucinating? Jack is still very stubborn. Juliet wants to talk. He claims to be a repo man. She’s really digging jack for info. Jack finally gives in and gives her information.

“You can trust me Jack, i’m not going to hurt you,” she says. Oh, now Jack trusts her a little bit. She walks away.

Back to Sawyer. “Chachy” is the first new nickname of the season. Sawyer escapes with the unknown other prisoner. Sawyer meets Juliet and gets tazered. Cripes. Back to jail.

Lost: Break 3 October 4, 2006

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Jack is with his wife, sarah, and yes it is tense. Jack is very sorry. Her cell interrupts. She’s talking to her lover, I am sure, and Jack wants to know the name of the” man that is with my wife.”


She walks away without a sound.

Back to Jack in jail with Juliet. She thinks he’s stubborn.

Yipes, there’s Kate in a towel. Now she’s got to wear this little dress. Weird guy says, “He’s waiting.” Creepy.  Who’s waiting? Mr. balloon man. “Romatic” breakfast by the ocean, but she’s got to wear the handcuffs to get some food.

Kate’s tough. “Kate, the next two weeks are going to be very unpleasant.”

Lost: Break 2 October 4, 2006

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What’s up with Jack behind the glass? Hi-yah! Karate kick no good.

Kate’s in the shower with a weird man. Ewww, someone poked Kate in the vein.

Sawyer’s in with monkeys or something.  I think I just heard a rooster. Sawyer finds the chow button and gets shocked.

Jack is strong with chains and he meets Juliet.