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Alias is over and I am grieved May 23, 2006

Posted by fajita in Alias, TV.

Sydney Bristow will no longer visit me in my home on a weekly basis. How sad it is to be me.

No longer will I wonder if her mother is good or evil. She is evil – and dead.

No longer will I wonder how Sloane will turn evil again. He's taken care of – kind of. He did find the Rimbadli fountain of youth and came back to life with it, but in a sacrificial last move, Jack Bristow blew up the cave he and Sloane were both in, killing himself, but leaving Sloane, now immortal, trapped for eternity under tons of rock in a hidden cave far from anyone's reach.

No longer will I wonder if Sydney and Vaughn will be together – they are and with two kids.

No longer will I get to see Marshall rig up impossible technology rivaled only by Chloe on 24.

No longer wil I wonder about Rimbaldi's end game.

No longer will I be surprised by Sark appearing yet one more time on the wrong side of the law.

No longer will I wonder what or who SD-6, The Trust, The Covenant, Prophet 5, and The Horizon are.

No longer will I grit my teeth and wonder, "How will Sydney get out of this one?"

No, it's all over. Thank God for Lost and 24.